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Snow Removal Costs Explained!

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Snow Removal Costs Explained! Similarly to tree care work estimates, the cost of snow removal services can be misunderstood in terms of perceived value to the customer. In the Gunnison Valley there are many contractors, people and businesses that offer snow removal at varying costs to the customer. In this article we will discuss the […]

Tree Service Costs Explained

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Recently we conducted our first-ever customer satisfaction survey and emailed it out to our customer database. We had a phenomenal response (20% Response Rate) with praise and feedback on our tree care services that was off the charts! Having been in business since 2003, the results were both humbling and motivating in terms of our […]


Enemies of Trees, Part 3 – Root Fungus

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In the previous two articles from our ‘Enemies of Trees’ series we discuss particular types of pests including Aphids and Boring Beetles. In this article we look at a whole new type of tree enemy, fungus! There are a limitless number of funguses that can affect the life of tree. More specifically however, we will […]

Spruce Beetle

Enemies of Trees, Part 2 – Boring Beetles

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Don’t be fooled by their name, boring beetles are not at all boring! Small and inconspicuous, the boring beetle tends to make its nest underneath the bark of a tree making them tricky to find. Once these little bugs get cozy they can become very difficult to control! What is a boring beetle? A boring […]

Enemies of Trees, Part 1 – Aphids

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It’s true! Trees do have enemies. The difference is that you can proactively take action to prevent creating tree enemies in just a few simple and easy ways. Investigate! Firstly, be proactive and look for obvious signs that your tree is at risk. Here in Gunnison and Crested Butte, we tend to see instances of […]

red naped sapsucker

Dealing with Woodpeckers and Sapsuckers

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Woodpeckers & Sapsuckers: What’s the Difference? As we share our beloved yards and trees with our local woodpeckers, their habits can sometimes become annoying, and in isolated cases, damaging. A typical woodpecker searches surfaces of tree trunks and branches for wood boring beetles, carpenter ants, and other insects. The pecking style used for feeding is […]

Tree Tamers Inc tree service in Montrose CO

Tree Service in Montrose CO

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Tree Tamers Inc is Proud to Serve the Community of Montrose, CO We love the City of Montrose! Are you a resident, homeowner or property manager in Montrose, Colorado? We wanted to let you know that Tree Tamers Inc. can help you achieve all of your tree care needs! Taming trees is our passion, and Tree […]

Fall Tree Tips

Fall Tips for Healthy Trees

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Crisp air… sweaters… pumpkins… and, of course, those dazzling displays of fall colors! Yes, nothing says autumn has arrived louder than the brilliant oranges, flashy reds and vibrant yellows that our beloved trees display before the white wonderland of winter.  As we all soak in the beauty of our trees this season, it’s also a […]