Supplemental tree watering is necessary for our local climate and often we stop watering our trees right when it’s most crucial such as first snow of the season. Insufficient watering causes stress from heat and lack of moisture causing trees to lose leaves or needles and making the tree more susceptible to disease or insect impacts.

Our service includes a review of current water levels and surrounding impacts to ensure trees receive the appropriate amount of water to remain vibrant, healthy and beautiful.

We also provide tree fertilization through an ongoing program of protecting young and new trees from the time they are planted right though until maturity. Tree fertilization is critical especially in younger trees as their needs differ to more mature trees.


Dario Elliott is a Certified Arborist and has been providing tree-health consulting since 2003. Based on your specific landscape needs, Dario will conduct a full inspection of the area and provide you with a comprehensive report of what is needed to protect, maintain and sustain healthy growth. For more information on the benefits tree-health consulting, contact Dario directly on (970)-209-3916 or email here.