Dario Elliott Owner, Chief Tree Tamer, ISA Certified Arborist, Awesome Boss!

Dario has been taming trees since 2003 in the Gunnison Valley. An ISA Certified Arborist and natural tree climber, Dario has been climbing trees since he was a little boy. It’s his innate passion for all things trees, his love of nature and the outdoors that inspired him to get on board with Tree Tamers Inc., all those years ago.
Dario brings a plethora of knowledge, wisdom, experience and passion to every tree service. Known as an all-round amazing guy, Dario has also gained an enormous amount of respect from his customers due to his friendly and approachable style as well as his highly developed arborist skills and talents.
There is no one more committed to providing the very best in tree care and tree removal services! Dario lives in Gunnison with his loving wife and General Manager of Tree Tamers Inc., Joanne and their gorgeous little girl Grace. A dedicated family man, Dario loves nature, fine wine and travel, and being Grace’s daddy is definitely his most favorite job to date!

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Joanne Wilkie-Elliott Chief Marketing & Advertising Guru, General Manager, Awesome Wife!

Joanne has been working alongside Dario since 2014 and is primarily responsible for all things marketing and advertising. Bringing over 25 years of senior business and marketing experience to Tree Tamers Inc., Joanne has developed many successful customer-focused programs and processes to ensure ongoing growth.
With a passion for trees AND customer care, Joanne is committed to the continuous improvement of customer relationships, proven by superior customer satisfaction survey results that are equal to some of the best companies in the world.
When not in the land of trees and marketing, Joanne is busy managing many other facets of Tree Tamers Inc., in addition to her own consulting and coaching practice, JWE Consulting Services LLC.
Happily married to Dario since 2014, Joanne loves all things organic, fine wine, family life, travel to warmer places and most of all her gorgeous little girl Grace. Joanne also serves on the Board of Directors as well as the Personnel Committee for KBUT Community Radio, a local non-profit in Crested Butte, CO.

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Aaron Brown Senior Tree Tamer, ISA Certified Arborist, Foreman, All-Round Legend!

Aaron has been with Tree Tamers Inc. since 2011 after leaving his home state of Virginia in search of bigger opportunities in a beautiful mountain setting. Loyal and hardworking, Aaron has the most enduring of qualities in that he is a stickler for organization! A wonderful asset and much needed in terms of maintaining our equipment, team and flawless safety record.
With a work ethic that is off the charts, Aaron has the most amazing attitude, skills and natural talent making him invaluable, and one of our best team members. Naturally someone with this level of awesomeness has developed into our most senior tree tamer and foreman.
Aaron became a Certified Arborist in 2016 and is responsible for customer liaison, equipment maintenance, managing our tree taming team and daily operations. In the wintertime, Aaron switches gears and becomes our Chief Snow Tamer managing just about every operational aspect of our snow and ice management business, Snow Tamers Inc.
Aaron’s commitment to providing exceptional tree care coupled with his innate talents make him one remarkable human and tree tamer! Aaron lives in Gunnison and can often be spotted ripping through whitewater with ease in his kayak on the Gunni’ River!

Aaron Brown

Fred Wright Tree Tamer, Senior Groundsman, Team Comedian!

Our newest and funniest recruit, Fred started working with Tree Tamers Inc. in 2017. Bringing one of the best attitudes and a natural skillset working with trees, its like he has been with Tree Tamers Inc. for years, and is a valuable member of our tree care family. Fred makes us laugh daily, and brings a lot of joy to every day operations. With a passion for creating more sustainable, healthy and beautiful forests, landscapes and communities, Fred is a natural with all things tree taming. Fred lives in Gunnison with his wife and enjoys skiing, fishing, jeeping but most of all being an awesome daddy to his cute little son, little Freddie.

Aaron Brown

Bob Abric Senior Arborist, Tree Tamer, Incredible Hulk!

Hailing from Connecticut, Bob joins our tree taming team with over 30 years of tree work experience. A natural climber, Bob is not afraid of heights or hard work! He chose to work with Tree Tamers Inc., because of our great crew, professionalism and awesome work environment.
When Bob is not taming trees with ease, he enjoys hiking, fishing, painting as well as dog breeding, and he lives in Gunni with his lovely wife. Bob is a highly skilled arborist and comes to us at the perfect time, and wow...we’re so grateful for his abilities and strength! Bob (aka the Incredible Hulk) is an all-round top bloke and adds immense value to our team.

Aaron Brown