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Snow Removal Costs Explained!

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Snow Removal Costs Explained!

Similarly to tree care work estimates, the cost of snow removal services can be misunderstood in terms of perceived value to the customer. In the Gunnison Valley there are many contractors, people and businesses that offer snow removal at varying costs to the customer. In this article we will discuss the costs associated with snow removal services, address why it’s important that the provider has insurance, and how to keep your home properly protected.

Due to the inherent risk of snow removal work, hourly rates for employees tend to go up significantly. One of the main reasons people choose to pay for snow removal services is to avoid the physical impacts and risks of shoveling snow. This also applies to employees who work on the ground shoveling snow but especially to workers who are on the roof picking away at ice build up and/or removing heavy loads of snow from rooftops. An employee who works on a roof of a house or commercial property is clearly more at risk than someone working on the ground. Insurance companies definitely acknowledge the difference and hence charge like a raging bull for general liability and workers compensation, especially for roof work.

Many operators here in the valley cannot afford the extremely high premiums associated with snow removal insurance. In fact for the upcoming snow year, our premiums actually doubled simply due to the heavy snowstorms of last year. A person or business that doesn’t have any insurance or only has workers compensation can be expected to charge much less than a business that is fully insured. The cost of having a full insurance policy can be up to a quarter of overall gross profit! Add to this the high cost of employee hourly rates and you can soon identify why snow removal services are thought to be expensive.

Other factors to consider are experience, professionalism and reliability. If your intention is to take the worry out of winter than you will happily pay for a business that will show up every time, charge only for what they do and are professional in every sense of the word. In our experience and from what locals have shared with us personally, many operators are not reliable! They offer cheaper rates but they may not show up consistently and are likely not to have the proper insurance to keep you protected.

The popular saying “you get what you pay for…” couldn’t be truer in the case of snow removal. Much like any home service, if anything goes wrong as in property damage or injuries, it will be you the customer who is potentially liable for all associated costs.

We offer snow management services to our customer base as a way of continuing to service them year round as well as provide Tree Tamers Inc., employees with year round work. Both our customers and our employees appreciate this year round offering knowing that they are engaged with a professional business that is fully insured.

In terms of costs to run a snow management business, here is a general breakdown:

  1. General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance;
    1. Up to 25% of gross revenue.
  2. Higher Hourly Rates.
  3. Equipment maintenance, gas & other operational costs of doing business.
  4. Travel Time.

After all is said and done, it really doesn’t leave behind much profit and some would naturally ask, why bother offering the service! Like we said above, it’s primarily for our employees and our loyal tree care customers who appreciate knowing that we will take care of them year round. Peace of mind is an invaluable thing and that is what our customers experience when they choose Snow Tamers Inc., for their winter services.

We hope that this article helps to clear up any misunderstandings of snow removal services being overpriced or undervalued. We are always happy to answer your concerns and questions, and we take pride in being a transparent business that cares deeply about their customers and employees.

For more information you can call Dario on 209-3916 or visit our website to download a snow management services contract. Dario, Aaron and their team look forward to being of service to you this winter!

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