Following a tree removal, stump grinding is the natural next step to grind out the stump to create space and more effective landscaping options. Unlike digging up stumps, stump grinding does not damage your surrounding landscape.

The grindings that are produced during the process can be used to fill in the hole or blended with soil to re-establish healthy turf. Extra mulch that is generated can also be used for landscaping in a variety of ways.

Stump grinding provides many benefits including prevention of sapling re-growth and keeps your yard safe by eliminating tripping hazards. Grinding out stumps also eliminates habitats for ants, bees, snakes etc. ensuring your lawn stays safe and beautiful.

We take care of all the necessary steps including utility company notification, careful flagging of the area and consulting with the homeowner to ensure no damage to the area such as underground power lines, public footpaths and landscape.