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Tree Service Costs Explained

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Recently we conducted our first-ever customer satisfaction survey and emailed it out to our customer database. We had a phenomenal response (20% Response Rate) with praise and feedback on our tree care services that was off the charts!

Having been in business since 2003, the results were both humbling and motivating in terms of our commitment to continuous improvement and maintaining exceptional customer relationships. We truly love what we do and nothing makes us more proud than completing a tree service efficiently and professionally with a happy customer thanking us for our great work. This along with safety is always our priority.

Of course… as with anything we must take the good with the less good! We thrive on customer feedback and in the rare times we get less positive feedback, we take it very seriously. Although representing a very small segment of the survey, we did see a trend toward value for money of our tree services. This can be seen in customer comments and in question #6.

Click here to see the full survey results.

It is our intention to address this concern in service to breaking down any misunderstandings that we charge too much or that we are not of value for the tree care services we provide. We developed this article in light of this and we trust that it will clarify past, current or future concerns about the cost of a tree service.

Amount of time to complete tree service

There are so many factors that go into consideration when evaluating a tree service of any kind. For example; is it a tree that can only be accessed by climbing? If so, that will naturally take much longer than using a bucket truck. How large or small is the tree? Obviously if it’s a huge tree and it has to be climbed that will take more resources than a small tree that we can get to easily with the bucket truck.

Difficulty level

The overall size, width, height, shape and state of a tree will all determine the level of complexity to complete a job. Other factors that can impact time and therefore cost are trees close to power lines or utilities, a tree that is leaning precariously towards property, trees located on a steep hill or in a public areas that require at least one team members full attention in terms of keeping foot and road traffic safe.

Surrounding environment

The physical location of a tree service can be a major consideration when costing out an estimate. Are the trees on a golf course; is it a condominium complex, a daycare or a college? The environment can dictate whether we get the job done quickly or it might produce a stop-start type of operation, which quickly becomes inefficient although necessary! For example, a daycare center, if there are small children and adults in the work zone, we are likely going to need to stop to ensure safety. The same logic can be applied to a golf course or a condo estate where people tend to frequently come and go. This will cause our operation to slow down and stop, which ultimately affects the amount of time and labor it takes to complete the tree service.

Ground quality

Believe it or not we come across many unusual terrains, especially in forest thinning and stump grinding services. Often times we find hazardous obstacles that can really slow us down and harm our equipment. If a tree service is going to be on hazardous or treacherous terrain we have to account for that in terms of time and cost of materials as well as wear and tear on us and the equipment. We’ve also had cases of rubbish piles, dog poop, construction debris and other articles that all do nothing but slow us down and/or negatively impact our equipment or access.

Regular tree service vs. emergency service

We do our very best to stay on schedule. When we say we are going to show up and complete your tree service, we mean it! That is why when we get an emergency call out request we must take into account the time taken to rearrange our scheduling and ultimately the customers impacted. The months of July through November tend to be our busiest time of year where it becomes imperative to stay on schedule. An emergency callout throws a wrench in the works, a welcomed wrench of course but one that takes a good amount of resources to make happen.

So there you have it. A breakdown of just some of the aspects Chief Tree Tamer Dario must consider when evaluating a tree service request and developing an estimate. Dario has been doing estimates since 2003 and has acquired a great deal of wisdom and experience in terms of meeting the customer’s needs, ensuring the business is returning a profit and paying our team consistently every two weeks.

There have been situations where Dario has underestimated the cost of a tree service due to unforeseen circumstances, and rather than making the customer pay, he will write it off as a learning opportunity. Often times we invoice less than what was estimated, which of course is always a welcomed surprise!

Above all, Dario is known for his transparent honest style and friendly approachable personality. He places customer satisfaction as top priority along with safety. We believe this great combination is why our customers continue to refer and recommend us (the most powerful form of advertising!). If you should ever have concerns about the cost of a tree service, Dario is only too happy to take the time to explain why and what the cost includes.

We trust this article helps to shine a light on the misunderstanding that are overpriced and/or the perception of having little value for money. We are passionate and dedicated to what we do, and taking care of your tree needs to the best of our ability at a reasonable price.


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